911 Mega Mosque: “Any decent, American, Muslim or otherwise, wouldn’t dream of such an insult’

May 12, 2010
By admin

World Net Daily Has an excellent piece on the atrocity about to be built at Ground Zero. Hats off to WND. No other media  will cover this issue in a forthright, honest, rational fashion. Shame on the elites and the information power brokers for submitting to a self enforced sharia.

Islamic mosque at 9/11 Ground Zero sparks protest
“Any decent, American, Muslim or otherwise, wouldn’t dream of such an insult’

A human-rights group is calling on Americans – especially family and friends of loved ones who were lost when Muslim terrorists murdered 2,751 people in the name of Allah on Sept. 11, 2001 – to fight construction of a 13-story Islamic mosque to be built just steps from Ground Zero.

The five-story building at Park Place, just blocks north of the former World Trade Center site, was the site of a Burlington Coat Factory. That was, until a plane’s landing-gear assembly crashed through the roof on the day 19 Muslim terrorists hijacked the airliners and flew them into the Twin Towers in 2001.

Now Muslim worshippers currently occupy the building, and they plan to turn it into a major Islamic cultural center called the Cordoba House.

The group Stop Islamization of America, or SIOA, led by Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs blogger and columnist, is hosting a “No 9/11 Mosque” rally at Ground Zero June 6 at noon to protest the construction.

“What could be more insulting and humiliating than a monster mosque in the shadow of the World Trade Center buildings that were brought down by an Islamic jihad attack?” asked Geller, executive director of SIOA. “Any decent, American, Muslim or otherwise, wouldn’t dream of such an insult. It’s a stab in eye of America.”

As WND reported, the building – previously vacant since that fateful day when time stood still as millions of Americans grieved the loss of loved ones, friends, family members, co-workers and strangers – was purchased last July by real-estate company Soho Properties, a business run by Muslims. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, founder of the American Society for Muslim Advancement, or ASMA, was an investor in that transaction.

Rauf has announced his plans to turn the building into a complete Islamic cultural center, with a mosque, a museum, “merchandising options,” and room for seminars to reconcile religions, “to counteract the backlash against Muslims in general, ” Speigel reported. The project may cost as much as $150 million. Plans for the facility also include a 500-seat performing arts theater, fitness center, swimming pool, library, public conference rooms, basketball courts and restaurants, according to the Tribeca Tribune.

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Rauf said the mosque is expected to be a major step forward in the Americanization of the Muslim community and that if everything is done correctly, his group intends to franchise the concept and build more Cordoba Houses in other American cities and around the globe.

The Cordoba Initiative website states:

Cordoba Initiative aims to achieve a tipping point in Muslim-West relation within the next decade, bringing back that atmosphere of interfaith tolerance and respect that we have longed for since Muslims, Christians and Jews lived together in harmony and prosperity eight hundred years ago.

Solving some of the most intractable conflicts in the world today requires innovative strategies for cross-cultural engagement. Cordoba Initiative tackles this mandate with forethought, expertise and the ability to leverage contacts in influential positions within the Muslim World and the West. … [Bold in original text.]

He told the New York Times that purchasing the building “where a piece of the wreckage fell sends the opposite statement to what happened on 9/11.”

“It was almost obvious that something like this had to arise from the ashes of 9/11,” Daisy Khan, the Cordoba Initiative executive director, told Spiegel. “In some way, this has the hand of the divine written over it. It’s almost as if God wanted to be involved.”

The move is supported by the city. The Manhattan Community Board 1′s Financial District Committee gave the plans a round of applause during a May 5 presentation, according to the Tribeca Tribune. The committee voted unanimously in favor of the center’s construction.

In its list of business associations, Community Board 1 includes Masjid al-Farah, another mosque located at 245 West Broadway, where Rauf is spiritual leader. The mosque near Ground Zero, and future site of the Cordoba House, currently serves as an overflow building for Masjid al-Farah.

The mayor’s director of the Office of Immigrant Affairs, Fatima Shama, told the Times just last year, “We as New York Muslims have as much of a commitment to rebuilding New York as anybody.”

Aerial photo of World Trade Center Ground Zero following Sept. 11 attacks. Red square to right of Ground Zero marks former Burlington Coat Factory and proposed location of Cordoba House.

Imam Rauf, born in Egypt, has written three books: “What’s Right with Islam: A New Vision for Muslims and the West,” “Islam: A Sacred Law” and “Islam: A Search for Meaning.”

WND reported in 2003 when, at least four times that year, the FBI’s New York field office held all-day sensitivity training sessions, not far from Ground Zero, featuring Rauf.

Speaking for about two hours each session, “he gave an overview of Islamic culture and some of the differences between what fundamentalist terrorist groups say are the teachings of the Quran and what he believes, as a student of religion, the Quran actually says,” said special agent James Margolin, spokesman for the FBI New York office.

Rauf asserted that the Quran “certainly doesn’t counsel terrorism, murder or mayhem,” Margolin said. And he said terrorists have misinterpreted the Quranic term “jihad” to mean violent, or armed, struggle against nonbelievers. Rauf claims it means internal struggle.

Rauf was invited to speak in Sydney, Australia, by Premier Bob Carr in 2004. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, he said the U.S. and the West must acknowledge the harm they’ve done to Muslims before terrorism can end.

He said the West must understand the terrorists’ point of view – and he blamed Christians for starting mass attacks on civilians.

“The Islamic method of waging war is not to kill innocent civilians. But it was Christians in World War II who bombed civilians in Dresden and Hiroshima, neither of which were military targets,” he said.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf (center) poses in a photo with attendees at a 2006 Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. On the far left is Sultan Muhammad, communications coordinator for the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Chicago. (photo: CAIR Chicago)

According to the report, Rauf said there would be little progress until the U.S. acknowledged backing dictators and the U.S. president gave an “America Culpa” speech to the Muslim world.

On June 4, 2009, President Obama gave a speech to the Muslim world from Cairo, in which he stated:

I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world; one based upon mutual interest and mutual respect; and one based upon the truth that America and Islam are not exclusive, and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles – principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings. … So I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed. That experience guides my conviction that partnership between America and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn’t. And I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.

Rauf praised Obama for “embracing Islam in the peacemaking process” in his speech. He wrote in the Washington Post:

The historic significance of President Obama’s speech to the Muslim world in Cairo cannot be overstated. Never before has an American president spoken to the global Muslim community. His speech marked a major shift in American foreign policy. … In just a few sentences he demolished the phony theory of the ‘Clash of Civilizations,’ which insists that Islam and the West must always be in conflict. Instead, he declared the United States is not at war with Islam and outlined a plan for how the conflict can be resolved. … He captured the attention of Muslims because, unlike most politicians, he was willing to critique both his own country and Muslims where they fell short of their ideals.

In an interview with BeliefNet on Islam and America, a reporter asked Rauf, “Some Islamic charities are being investigated for terrorist ties. Have you seen what you consider to be reputable Islamic charities being financially damaged?”

“We believe that a certain portion of every charity has been legitimate,” he responded. “To say that you have connections with terrorism is a very gray area. It’s like the accusation that Saddam Hussein had links to Osama bin Laden. Well, America had links to Osama bin Laden – does that mean that America is a terrorist country or has ties to terrorism?”

In 2004, Rauf participated in a 30-second advertisement, broadcast on Arabic television, in which he apologized for alleged abuses at Abu Ghraib prison.

The Times reported Rauf said he believes “Islamic terrorists do not come from another moral universe – that they arise from oppressive societies that he feels Washington had a hand in creating.”

Scheduled speakers at the “No 9/11 Mosque” rally include:

Geller will host the event with SIOA Associate Director Robert Spencer begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, best-selling author and director of Jihad Watch.

“The only Muslim center that should be built in the shadow of the World Trade Center is one that is devoted to expunging the Quran and all Islamic teachings of the violent jihad that they prescribe, as well as all hateful texts and incitement to violence,” Geller said in a release announcing the protest.

10 Responses to “ 911 Mega Mosque: “Any decent, American, Muslim or otherwise, wouldn’t dream of such an insult’ ”

  1. elizabethmcclugage on May 14, 2010 at 10:15 AM

    I think this is the worse thing that can happen. The Muslim’s are trying to take over the world. Frankly they may think that they will prevail but that will not be the case. What kind of religion wants only to kill people, that doesn’t like anyone who is not like they are and plans on killing anyone who will not convert to Islam. I have news for the Muslims they will not succeed in any of this. They may for a time think that they have captured the world but they are not in charge of anything. We have a God who is sovereign in all things and in control of everything that happens in the world as it is His creation just as we are His creation.

    Building this Mosque is an abomination in every way. They have no shame and everything offends them and frankly we should not care. This is not their country and they really should just go back where they came from and leave the rest of the world alone. This is what we get from letting any Muslim in our country in the first place. This has been their plan all along. There are no moderate Muslim’s no matter what they say. Where were they when 9ll happened and now they want to stick it in everyone’s eye. I think not.

    Give this idea up and just go back where you belong. We don’t need you in our country. All you want to do is conquer the world and you are evil in every which way. We need to just tell you where to go and how to get there. Leave us alone!!! Do you get it? It is our God who is sovereign and one day you are going to find that out. I have absolute faith in that.
    You will not ever be successful no matter what your think.

    • Ronald on May 20, 2010 at 8:28 PM

      @ rob:
      “Well some of them were dying in the Twin Towers”, you said…
      yes, dude. The twenty-some terrorists were gleefully dying while they murdered 3000+ americans and erased the WTC from the NYC’s skyline. And, in so far as everybody knows, they were the only muslims who died that day. So, wake up: you americans fight back (I’m brazilian, so can’t say “we” on this issue), or accept assimilation by latinos and Islamization.
      I advise you to fight with us, who really love what America stands for (and I can say “we” on this issue), and stop talking PC nonsense, rob.

      Best Regards

    • magger on May 30, 2010 at 4:19 AM

      Are you- are most AMERICANS ready to fight?
      I don’t think so. We have become too fat and too
      damned stupid to know or care about anything but our own “GG”.
      The politicans still pooh-pooh bad talk against Islamics and are at best slow to move.
      So although i agree with you ,I am not as opptimistic.

  2. Golgotha on May 17, 2010 at 6:33 AM

    Rob you must have been duped by the false religion of Islam.

  3. Sambo on May 17, 2010 at 9:39 AM


  4. Arjun on May 19, 2010 at 9:21 AM

    Boycott Islam enmass all over the country. Display black flags as a mark of protest on all kafir homes, businesses and offices. Stop talking to muslims, do not conduct any business with them at the regular routine common man level. Boycott all muslim cabbys. We are hurt by their offensive terrorist acts let them know about it.

    • Cindy Jackson on May 22, 2010 at 11:35 AM

      Arjun, that’s a great idea! Hit them in their $ pockets, esp. at common man level. Why should I speak to Muslims as if they are like me. They are cruel in their everyday lives, gutteral, their sensibilities are blunt, finer feelings are not there, they cannot discuss, and their religion HOLDS THEM BACK educationally, etc.
      Only those Islams who have deliberately put their religion on the back burner and cast it to its rightful place (a private affair) have managed to get anywhere educationally speaking. Otherwise they are full of superstition, they bury people in the ground up to their necks and then stone their heads until they are dead. They are NOT like me so I will not speak to them as if they are.

      East and West cannot co-exist simply because all Islams are taught from toddlerhood that they have a mission to convert others.

  5. Arjun on May 25, 2010 at 12:24 PM

    My dear Kafir/Infidel brothers and sisters of the Great USA, lets unite and do our part to save America from the filthy islam. Here are a few things we should do.

    At the common man level, avoid all muslim businesses, drive to the next gas station if you know this one is run by a muslim, wait for the next bus, hail another cab, if you find two similar businesses across the street and one of them is run by a muslim, avoid that business encourage the non muslim whoever the other non muslim might be(white/black/mexican/chinese., etc)

    Our tech savvy brothers and sisters can aid us by establishing a database of all the muslim businesses in USA. And provide a link to that site here on SIOA. Wherever we travel in USA we should know right away which businesses are to be avoided. Kick them where it hurts.

    No state, no county, no city can force its residents into compulsion of conducting business with the muslims. Most of representatives wont talk and some cant talk. PC bu..sh.t.
    Its upto us now as the free citizens of USA who really cherish the freedom and would like to really pass the freedom to the next generation, we need to act now. Encourage fellow kafirs/infidels to to the same.

    Everytime there is an act of terrorism in our country or to our citizens anywhere in the world, it hurts me and am sure it hurts you all. Lets take up this silent revolution. If enough people do it and spread it throughout the country, we can bring the muslims to their knees. They should beg for business from the American people.(they will always have the big business OIL )but, lets not give them the small business on our streets. Conduct business with nonmuslims only.

    Oh, one more thing, If you are familiar with the five pillars of Islam, one of them is giving charity(zakat). Most of the muslims in USA do that. You must be wondering why I am mentioning about this good deed. Most of the muslim charity goes to muslim organizations and mosques which is routed into promoting terrorism.
    Ah! now you understand. You provide business from your hard earned money to these jerks and it gets used against you.

    Brothers and sisters lets unite and fight this monster called islam. Slay it now.

    Please spread this message if you agree with me.

  6. ALSKY on May 29, 2010 at 12:33 PM



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